Halloween-ing In The Office

I love Halloween. I love spending hours picking out the perfect character, gathering materials, sewing, painting my face, and sometimes even my hair. Halloween-ing is mostly an art, can be a bit of a science, and definitely is a ton of fun. If you are lucky enough to work in an office or work environment where you can dress up for Halloween, by all means, you should, but do so tastefully and creatively.

If you’re a teacher, you should dress up as one of your students’ favorite characters, like Junie B. Jones. Your students will love that, and your coworkers will admire your creativity. Plus, she has so many fun adventures and outfits to match.

This was my favorite book series as a kiddo!

If you’re a beauty editor, you should highlight (no pun intended) your skills and showcase your take on a sugar skull. Or a wild animal. Or a celebrity, but not just recreating their MOTD, but their whole facial structure, too. I know you’re a whiz with your contour, so this can’t be too hard.

Hauntingly beautiful!

If you’re a doctor or nurse, you should dress up as a super hero, because really, that’s what you are. Don’t  be afraid to even create your own super hero for the occasion. Your patients will get a kick out of it, too, and you may even ease a few nerves.

Na na na na na na na na….

If you work in a small, close-knit department, you should organize group costumes, like characters from Mad Men, presidents and first ladies, the Addams Family, or have a red carpet theme. Group costuming is so much fun when everyone participates! Imagine all the buzz that your team will generate around the office.

How awesome do they look? So awesome.

If you’re in need of a last-minute costume to wear to your office, go for a polished Mary Poppins. You probably have all the props and pieces in your closet, and with all the crazy weather we’ve been having in New York, might even need to use that umbrella!

Classy as always.


Will you be Halloween-ing to the office this year?

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