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Yesterday I posted about Estee Lauder’s new sub-brand, The Estee Edit, now available at The launch comes at no surprise (though much excitement.) Estee Lauder is often seen as a “mature” beauty brand, one that is used by many older women and not as many young faces. As part of this “rejuvination” of sorts, EL picked up KJ as the fresh, new face of the brand, which instantly harnessed much attention from a younger group. The new launch, with fresh and bold new packaging and a brand new feel, is aimed toward a young, trendy group, and is positioned to compete with brands like Urban Decay and Tarte. Will The Estee Edit launch at Sephora be enough to draw in a new market?

I think so.

I appreciate how EL is going about this new branding. New packaging and a new face might not appeal to older clientele, especially those who have been using EL for years and would be thrown off from a new feel. Creating a new line exclusively at Sephora seems to be the right move, and I’m excited to see how it pans out.

Lancome did something similar in recent years. Lancome was (is) also seen as a “mature” beauty brand, one that might not appeal to a younger market. The introduction of brighter, more trendy eyeshadow colors  without a doubt drew in the eyes of younger shoppers, myself included. Lancome’s Spring 2016 lineup is “cute and playful” and definitely is marketed toward young women. Lancome has also recently launched their “Parisian Pop” collection, which has a very  vibrant feel to it, with colorful mascaras and eyeliners.

How about the opposite? I’ve always thought of Maybelline as appealing toward a younger market. They are usually very trendy (and are the first mainstream drugstore beauty brand to launch a black lipstick next season) and their color cosmetics are appealing to a younger crowd. Do you think Maybelline could do more to appeal to a more mature market?

What do you think?

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Calling All Beauty Junkies – The Estée Edit Is Here

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The Estée Edit has officially hit, and Estée Lauder brand ambassador Kendall Jenner is calling all beauty junkies to check it out. You must know Estée Lauder, or at least be familiar with this beauty counter brand from your mom and grandma. I can’t say I’ve tried anything from the brand, but there’s lots of cult favorites — everyone talks about their Double Wear Stay-In-Place makeup and Advanced Night Repair serum that originally launched in 1982. Now, Estée has launched a line of cosmetics and skincare marketed toward young women. This brand facelift will surely reach a new market, especially with KJ leading the charge.

Speaking of facelift, The Estée Edit’s packaging is so sleek. It’s bright blue, white, and silver theme carries throughout the entire collection. I’d be happy to display the line out on my vanity. 

On, the new sub-brand’s launch page divides products up into 4 categories: The Edgiest Attitude, The Barest Attitude, Guest Editor Attitude: Go Glow, Complexion Hybrids, and Dissolve The Drama. Page visitors can also view behind the scenes content featuring guest editors Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim, beauty influencer from Korea.

One of the coolest new products is the Lip Flip. Lip Flip is a sheer toned lipstick to transform any lip color and deepen or lighten it. It comes in two colors, Turn Up and Turn Down, which are yellow and black, respectively.

I’m also eyeing the Flash Illuminator in Spotlight. This cream is a highlighter-skincare hybrid designed for all skin types. It reminds me of my beloved MAC Strobe Cream. I imagine this cream would be great for mixing into foundation for a nice glow, or applying on top of foundation for a strobe of light. What makes this cream standout from MAC’s similar product is that it comes in 5 shades to be the right amount of light for all skin tones. Sign me up!
The Estée Edit is currently available on for VIB and VIB Rouge members.

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