Review: Lancome Flash Bronzer Body Tanning Gel

If I wanted to truly test this product, I was going to have to go all out. There’s no point in swatching a little section on the underside of my arm or leg. That wasn’t going to test whether or not the average person could successfully tan without stepping a toe outside.

I’ve self tanned before, mainly my legs so they don’t look so purple-y and pasty. I’m a rare breed who doesn’t like the sun. I’ve managed to use a self tanner with more than okay results before, but I always end up with a streak of some kind.

Since I like Lancome’s powder bronzers and love their Flash Bronzer face gel. Lancome’s Flash Bronzer Body Tanning Gel seemed like an obvious solution to the streaky problem. $40 is a lot for a self tanning product in my book, but it could be well worth it if it provided my legs with a faux glow. I applied the gel the night before I went back to my University for my first day of my senior year. I wanted to look like I just got back from Italy….which I did, but my still-light skin didn’t show for it at all.

There are a ton of guides online from beauty bloggers, YouTube-ers, and beyond. For this trial, I ignored everything anyone had to say and just followed and just followed the instructions on the bottle. This had to be fool-proof, right?

Well, it wasn’t. My legs are splotchy-polka-dotty. I applied with just my hands and fingers and stood around sans clothes for a while to let it dry. I loved how the product glided on my legs and had a caramel guide color to see where the product was soaking in. I used my daily moisturizer around my knees and ankles to help prevent too much color from sticking. This worked well and there are no mistakes on those parts! For the parts where there aren’t any bronze geometic shapes, the color is beautiful. It’s not orangey, it’s not too dark, and it’s not very artificial-looking. I guess practice takes perfect. I am proud that I didn’t end up with any of the tanner on my hands and in between my fingers! I want to try Lancome’s Flash Bronzer again, especially if I can easily scrub off the mistakes I made. Next time I may mix in moisturizer to the formula and see how that works.

I’m willing to try the gel again when I won’t be wearing shorts anymore in case I get the same results.

For reference, Lancome describes the product as follows:

“If you’ve been craving that come-hither Cote d’Azure tan, this “auto bronzante” is the immediate answer without ever reaching for your passport. A formula featuring DHA and Natural Caramel Extract guarantees a gorgeous golden color in just 30 minutes, while antioxidant-rich pure Vitamin E helps keep free radicals from doing future damage, And moisturizing ingredients leave skin feeling satiny-soft and altogether irresistible.”

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